Blog Post #2 – CBP to Open New Land Port of Entry in McAllen, TX

March 20, 2023


With the state of the world’s supply chain in the past few years being the way it has been, it’s no surprise that opening new trade routes would be beneficial to everyone involved in moving and shipping products. 

As one of the United States’s top trade partners, products coming out of Mexico should logically be thought of as high priority for members of the logistics and supply chain industries in the US, and with the Port of Houston being one of the busiest ports in the entire country, opening new trade routes in this region sounds like a no brainer, right? 

Well, for once, the government agreed to do something useful (wow) and start construction on two brand spanking new commercial inspection facilities for shipments going to and coming from the Mexican border. 

The project is based around the Anzalduas LPOE.  The purpose of the facilities being built is to expedite the process of the products’ inspection, allowing the materials to move across the border faster, therefore reaching their destinations sooner. 

There are four inspection facilities being built in total.  Two northern facilities on the east side of the LPOE, and two southern facilities on the west side of the LPOE.  These facilities will also be enhanced with non-intrusive inspection technology, an operations command center, administrative offices, and a cargo processing center. 

 The facilities will be located in McAllen, Texas, logically situated extremely close to the Mexican border.  In total, the cost of the improvements to be made comes to around $88M.  These improvements will help strengthen trade throughout the two nations, who are both supply chain giants worldwide. 

“The City of McAllen and the Anzalduas International Bridge Board remains committed to working with our federal partners to identify and implement innovative methods to expedite traffic and trade at our international port of entry, making border crossings and inspections function more effectively while helping our trade partners process and cross their goods more efficiently,” said City of McAllen Mayor and Anzalduas International Bridge Board Chairman Javier Villalobos, J.D. 

While it may take awhile to see the actual result of these changes and improvements, one can easily infer that they will facilitate large-scale amounts of items to move in and out of each nation.  This is sure to improve trade relations between the US and Mexico even further. 

Advanced Logistics serves the US, Canada, and Mexico, so our services are surely to be affected (positively) by these changes.  We’ll keep you posted on the blog for any further updates! 


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