Transportation Strike In Mexico

August 28, 2023


Truckers’ Strike in Mexico – A Mass Protest by AMOTAC

In another episode of labor unrest in the transportation sector, Mexico is witnessing a massive strike organized by the Mexican Alliance of Carrier Organizations (AMOTAC). Scheduled for Tuesday, August 29th, and Wednesday, August 30th, this protest is poised to impact the entire trucking force of the country.

Aiming for Change

AMOTAC, representing approximately 75% of transportation workers in Mexico, including bus drivers, tourist transport operators, and motor carriers, is a union of around 300,000 members. This strike is a response to a plethora of issues that Mexican truckers have faced, including soaring operational costs, safety concerns, extortion by corrupt officials, cargo theft (literally, highway robbery), and various other challenges hindering the transportation sector’s efficiency.

Non-Violent Protests

The protest, while causing some inconvenience, is designed to be non-violent and includes various forms of messaging, such as highway blockades. In a news release, AMOTAC expressed regret over the potential traffic disruptions but emphasized the importance of these actions in drawing attention to their cause.

.A Necessary Sacrifice

While traffic delays are inevitable during such protests, they are seen as a necessary sacrifice for the greater good. The truckers’ demands revolve around improving working conditions and addressing systemic issues in the transportation industry. While protests often elicit mixed reactions, gaining a deeper understanding of the situation might lead to a more empathetic perspective.


The truckers’ strike in Mexico underscores the importance of workers advocating for their rights and the challenges they face in their industry. As the transportation sector grapples with these issues, the hope is that constructive dialogue and resolutions will lead to better conditions for all involved.


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