Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse Aftermath

April 5, 2024


As expected, we are starting to see the severe implications of last week’s disaster in Baltimore, Maryland.  While there are still many uncertain variables about the situation, the results of it are starting to take hold.  Pay disputes are far from uncommon in the logistics industry, however new information from the FMC reveals their thoughts on how the Francis Scott Key bridge collapse aftermath could affect finances of those doing business in the area. 

The MSC announced that cargo shipped to the Port of Baltimore would be diverted to other locations on east coast.  People in the industry will know how much of a headache this can be, and a situation like this is sure to throw things into disarray even more.  According to Carl Bentzel, a prominent member of the FMC, “If you take into account the Panama Canal, the Red Sea and now Baltimore, I think you’re having more schedule adjustments than have ever been required in the history of shipping. I think all three should motivate a greater understanding and transparency in shipping. We’re going to see lots of examples of dysfunction and challenges on getting accurate information.” 

The current strategy from the FMC is to issue a second round of information collection about the incident.  This second round of info will build on recommendations from the public.  While it hasn’t been long since it happened, the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse aftermath will have a ripple effect. 

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