National Security and Logistics

March 15, 2024


There have been very few times in history where national security has been more of a concern.  Whether it’s bad actors using technology to glean any kind of information about people’s personal lives as possible or foreign entities spying on our youth via a certain popular video-sharing app, diligence in this area on both the national and personal scale is incredibly important.  But did you know that the logistics industry plays a huge role in protecting our national security?  While this may sound a bit confusing at first, this article will explain how national security and logistics work together. 

National Security and Logistics
As they say, one rotten apple spoils the whole bunch.  The same applies to the supply chain when it comes to matters of national security.  If a foreign entity that has negative intentions toward our country catches a weakness in one of our supply chains, this could be an opportunity for them to disrupt them in various ways.  Since many aspects of the US supply chain are handled internationally, the possibility of someone tampering with ingredients or cargo may not even be caught until the product has reached the country, or even worse, store shelves.  By the time people notice, it may already be too late. 

Cybersecurity is also paramount when it comes to the supply chain.  Utilizing internal data from supply chain companies, criminals both domestic and foreign can sabotage the supply chain and various products.  At Advanced Logistics, we take preventative security measures to ensure information stays internal. 

In short, even though these factors may be unseen to the common citizen, logistics and the supply chain play a huge role in preserving our national security, and making sure the products that make it to store shelves are safe for use and/or consumption.  Logistics companies can ensure this by using tracking software, implementing rigorous cybersecurity measures, and choosing business partners carefully. 

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