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Software Solutions


We have a dedicated team of engineers able to provide innovative solutions to challenging problems faced by the industry. We know every company faces unique challenges and we have a experienced team ready to provide a customized solution. Everything from training, software, mobile applications, tracking systems and more.

Our Mission

To solve the technical problems plaguing the logistics industry by creating modular components part of a unified system and making elegant solutions that empower your company and teams for years to come.


We can provide a complete software/hardware solution for any need you have. Custom software, hardware integration
We can provide third party consulting, giving advice or guidance. Leading and training in house teams while providing them with proper tools and education for an innovative solution.
The first and the largest stepping stone for any software system is high quality training designed by our team of experts. Our unique approach enables your team to perform at higher levels and increase overall company productivity.
Technology Division

Software Experience

Responsive Web
80% Complete
100% Complete
100% Complete
80% Complete
Service Layer
85% Complete

Hardware Experience

Mobile Peripherals
100% Complete
30% Complete
Micro Computers
90% Complete
Custom Components
50% Complete