Transport America Employees In Ohio Face Discrimination

September 27, 2023

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Overcoming Deep-Seated Beliefs
In today’s world, old habits often persist, especially when it comes to deeply ingrained beliefs – whether they are religious, ideological, social, or academic. This enduring struggle has been a topic of widespread discussion and debate for the past decade. Unfortunately, there seems to be no end in sight, as discrimination cases and lawsuits continue to emerge.

A Recent Case in Ohio
A recent case from Ohio sheds light on the issue of workplace discrimination within the trucking industry. Two employees of a subsidiary of TFI, Gary Pugh and Kristopher Neville, have filed a lawsuit against their employer alleging discrimination based on their sexuality. Hired in 2018, Pugh and Neville claim they endured years of discrimination from their coworkers.

Discrimination and Harassment
The discrimination faced by Pugh and Neville included the use of derogatory language, vandalism of their property, and physical harassment. Eventually, they resigned, but the company pre-empted their resignation by firing them during the two-week notice period.

Ineffective Supervision and Inaction
Adding to the complexity of the case is the fact that the employees had repeatedly informed their supervisors about the discrimination they faced. However, their supervisors assured them they would “take care of it” but failed to take any meaningful action. This has led to Pugh and Neville pursuing legal action on grounds of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Addressing Outdated Views in the Industry
Curiously, industries like automotive and transportation sometimes attract individuals with outdated viewpoints. The reasons for this phenomenon are multifaceted and not easily explained. Nonetheless, addressing these issues requires a commitment to education. Paradoxically, those who disapprove of individuals like Pugh and Neville often resist educating children about diversity and inclusion, highlighting the need for a broader societal conversation.


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