The Busiest Ports in North America

April 11, 2024


  1. Port of Los Angeles/Port of Long Beach, California, USA:
    • The Port of Los Angeles and the neighboring Port of Long Beach together form the largest port complex in the United States.
    • They handle a significant portion of the country’s containerized trade, particularly with Asia.
    • The Port of Los Angeles is one of the busiest ports in North America, while the Port of Long Beach consistently ranks among the top container ports in the country.
  2. Port of New York and New Jersey, USA:
    • Located on the East Coast, the Port of New York and New Jersey is one of the busiest ports in North America.
    • It serves as a major gateway for international trade, particularly with Europe and Asia.
    • The large port complex consists of multiple terminals handling containers, bulk cargo, and general cargo.
  3. Port of Savannah, Georgia, USA:
    • The Port of Savannah is one of the fastest-growing ports in the United States of America.
    • It is a key hub for containerized cargo, handling a large volume of imports and exports.
    • The port has undergone significant expansion and infrastructure improvements to accommodate larger vessels and increase capacity.
  4. Port of Houston, Texas, USA:
    • As one of the busiest ports in the Gulf Coast region, the Port of Houston plays a crucial role in the U.S. economy.
    • It handles a diverse range of cargo, including containers, bulk commodities, and petroleum products.
    • The port complex consists of several terminals along the Houston Ship Channel, offering access to domestic and international markets.
  5. Port of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:
    • The Port of Vancouver is Canada’s largest port and a major gateway for trade with Asia.
    • It handles a very wide variety of cargo, including containers, bulk commodities, and automobiles.
    • The port is known for its efficiency, modern infrastructure, and commitment to sustainability initiatives.

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